We offer our clients a premium edible treat that is perfect for any occasion. We are the pioneers of chocolate printing, and aim to provide you with a gift experience unlike any other.

 At More Than Chocolate, we use a proprietary technology to print edible, and customizable, chocolate treats. We use white chocolate as ‘ink’ to imprint custom designs, logos, and images onto dark chocolate itself. Providing you the chance to get as creative as you want.

 Our goal is to provide everyone from an individual to a business or company, to give their significant others, friends, or employees their very own customized presents in the form of sweet treats to make their day better.

What could be better than a sweet treat that showcases everything your company and personality has to offer?

Together we can make art on a delicious custom chocolate treat!


  • Owner of "all that shabu"

    “Amazing Concept and Great Idea!!!  Definitely made my customer happy.

    I will buy more for my three other restaurants"

    Marlene W. Gordon

  • Everland Director of PPT

    “One of my vendor gave this to me as a promotional gift. The idea is so interesting and novel that I absolutely loved it so much. Now it comes to be one of the best selling item in souvenir part"

    Mattew Go

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