Welcome & Thank You Notes

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 FOB Anaheim, CA.          

     We all have a lot of valuable and precious information and we want to pass it on to our customers somehow.  The symbolic ones are brochures, mails, catalogs, and pamphlets, but unfortunately, most of them do not attract attention and go straight to the trash can.
     When we were thinking about how to get people to pay attention to our informational prints, the idea came out was to put chocolate on the prints. How you may ask? Well, we simply made a hole in the cards and inserted a special chocolate packaging in them.
     For this, we made our chocolate case from transparent pet resin with a notch to fit it into the print. In addition, our print is folded to look like a tent for a three-dimensional effect.
     And viola, it was a great success. According to a survey by Rohan Hotel, a whopping 92% of customers looked at this product with curiosity. They keep wondering whether it is just for visuals or for eating as well and so it gained a lot of popularity.
     Everything including the prints, the size, shape and design of the note is fully customizable.
     If you have any words or information to convey to your customers, this will be the most efficient and reliable media. 
  • Chocolate Origin : Belgium Belcolade (Kosher certified)
  • Cacao ratio : 55.6%
  • Chocolate size : 1.6" 
  • Approx. net weight : 3/8oz
  • Approx. note dimensions : 4.0"X4.4"(small), 6.0" X 5.5"(regular), 
  • Shelf life : 12 months when stored in room temperature