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Keycard Holder

Keycard Holder

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 FOB Anaheim, CA.

             Keycards are used across a multitude of industries, from hotels to casinos and sporting events. That is why we aim to help you present your keycards in a more unique and memorable way! We do this with our custom keycard holders featuring our delicious printed chocolates.

             Imagine this: You own a hotel and are trying to give your guests a moment they will never forget to begin their stay. You hand them their keycards to the room, and inside is a custom printed chocolate for them to enjoy. The smiles that will spread across their faces will be priceless! That is the moment these keycard holders create.

             Our keycard holders come in a wide range of sizes based on your own needs, and the holders themselves are just as customizable as the chocolate. You can showcase a personalized message, your logo, or even the entryway to your hotel--all printed on dark delectable chocolates.

             Buy your custom chocolate and keycard holders today, and ensure that your guests remember you tomorrow!

  • Chocolate Origin : Belgium Belcolade (Kosher certified)
  • Cacao ratio : 55.6%
  • Chocolate size : 1 2/3" 
  • Approx. net weight : 3/8oz
  • Keycard Holder dimensions : 2.75" X 4.5"
  • Minimum order quantity and Order unit : 480 pcs
  • Shelf life : 12 months when stored in room temperature

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