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Hana Financial Investment

Hana Financial Investment

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 FOB Anaheim, CA.
       This is another completely custom project that we provided for Hana Financial Investment. As you can see, we showcased some of the major brands that they work with such as Coca-Cola, Apple, and Starbucks. This was one of our bigger projects, and we wanted to design packaging and chocolate that would truly meet the luxurious standards and needs of the client.
       The package includes 9 individually designed chocolates that are placed inside a container with a secure plastic insert atop a foam padding to provide cushion and volume. They were so happy to see their design come to life in such a unique way!
       These kinds of packages are what we offer our clients when they choose More Than Chocolate. Totally bespoke designs, packaging, and chocolates every time. All you have to do is order yours!
  • Chocolate Origin : Belgium Belcolade (Kosher certificated)
  • Cacao ratio : 55.6%
  • Chocolate size : 9 Pieces(1.6"X1.6")
  • Approx. net weight : 2 1/2oz
  • Approx. box dimensions : 6 7/8" X 6 7/8' X 1 1/8"
  • Package style : Chocolate Basket + Clear Lid + Bottom Box + Sleeve
  • Packaging option : Fully customizing
  • Shelf life : 12 months when stored in room temperature

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