Boy Band BTS Message Chocolate

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     In 2015, before BTS got famous, we were assigned to make chocolates for them.  In 2021, when BTS became the world's best boy band, they ordered chocolates from us once again.

     They want to deliver their messages with sweetness.  They gave us animated characters based on BTS and 600 messages they want to say.     We made a thousands kinds of chocolates(7membersX600messages) and packed them individually. 

     So you could read these special messages once you rip open the wrapping and take the Belgium chocolate out.  These messages are personalized and written by none other than the world's favorite boyband BTS members.

"Tomorrow will be much better"

"You are not alone"

"I got your back"

     Pre-order has started in Korea, Japan and Asia area in May 2021, and will also be released in the United States soon.

  • Chocolate Origin : Belgium Belcolade (Kosher certificated)
  • Cacao ratio : 55.6%
  • Chocolate size : 8 Pieces(1.6"X1.6")
  • Approx. net weight : 2 1/2oz
  • Approx. box dimensions : 6 1/4" X 3' X 3'
  • Packaging option : Fully customizing
  • Shelf life : 12 months when stored in room temperature